Articles Of Interest 

Articles will cover all stages of home construction including design, site selection, financing, construction techniques and systems, interior design, landscaping, as well as preparation for sell of a home.

Designing Your Dream Home - Make It A Dream Come True!
Tips and ideas for designing your dream home.

Dream Home Site Selection - More To Consider Than You Think!

Things to remember when purchasing land for building your dream home.

Interim Financing - Covering The Cost Of Your Dream Home!

Get the info you need to know what interim financing is and where to find the best deal. 

Choosing A Log Home

If you are planning to build a log home, read this article first.

Understanding Reverse Mortgage Fears

There are 8.8 million senior households that both qualify for and are good potential candidates for HUD's home equity conversion mortgage (HECM) reverse mortgage program but what is it and how does it work. 

Building Your Dream Home - Home Page

Insight into some of the personal problems you may face when deciding to build-your-own home.

First Things First
Pointers on some of the items to be considered before you can begin construction, including selection of your building site, house design, financing, and selection of a contractor.

Designing Your Dream Home

Review of the items to be considered when designing your home.

Interim Financing

Ideas for finding your interim financing institution and what to expect.

Construction of Your Home

From site preparation to interior completion - be sure you know where to begin and what steps you need to take to achieve your goal.

Building Our Dream Home A Second Time

Sometimes you have to revise your dreams and start again.

Planning Your Dream Home
This is our third project and we have learned that planning your project ahead of time is one of the most critical steps.

Building Your Dream Home Foundation

The most important step in construction of a new home.

Construction Of Our Log Home

Unless you have a lot of strength to lift heavy logs, leave this part to an experienced crew.

Completing The Interior Of Our Home

The fun part of building your own home is finishing the inside.

Our First Dream Home

Completed in 1987 but revised many times before being sold in August 2007.

Selling Our Dream Home

Preparing a home to sell is crucial if you want to get a buyer willing to pay your price.

Links of Interest

Resources to help you design and construct your dream home.

Log Home Construction - Page 1

Our son's first attempt at home construction.

Log Home Construction - Page 2

Continuation of our son's log home.


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